Where to start

To do an in-depth overview of the world of missions, do the courses in this sequence:

  • 0010 Learn how to use Didasko.
  • A015 The Bible and Missions.
  • A020 Discipling the Nations.
  • A030 Roles in Frontier Missions.

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0010-How-to-use-logo.jpgWe recommend you start by doing the course "Learn how to use Didasko". This course teaches you how to use the course material to its fullest. For example, how to navigate back and forth through your courses, all the features of the video player, discussion forums, and course Wiki. You can do this course in an hour or two, and you'll find it worthwhile doing.


"The Bible and Missions" course forms the basis for most of our courses. This course explains the implications of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) for today, and the reasons for focussing on the Unreached People Groups.

People in a home-based supporting role could leave out "Discipling the Nations" course, although it would be beneficial to do it in order to better understand what your missionaries go through.

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